Compassionate Tooth Extraction Service
Our compassionate and experienced staff offers the necessary tooth extractions...
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Compassionate Tooth Extraction Service

Our compassionate and experienced staff offers necessary tooth extractions in a welcoming and peaceful environment.



All surgical procedures or invasive procedures come with risks. Therefore, you need to consult a certified health practitioner before taking any of these procedures.

At Northern Beaches Dental Group, we work diligently to save natural teeth. Still, some cases need tooth extractions to relieve pain, solve the irreparable damage issue, or prevent the infection from spreading. We choose tooth extraction as the final solution and strive to deliver reliable and comfortable dental care services to ensure you recover your smile and smile appearance.

The Most Popular Issues That May Need A Tooth Extraction

Take a step and contact Northern Beaches Dental Group if you experience the following conditions:

  • Stubborn primary teeth
  • Damage caused by trauma
  • Orthodontics and overcrowding
  • Significant decay
  • Untreated and unexplained pain
  • Symptomatic wisdom teeth
  • Failed root canal treatment

For an accident, consider visiting the local emergency treatment center to determine if there are any severe medical conditions.

Treating Tooth Extractions

At Northern Beaches Dental Group, we prioritise patient comfort and apply it to our dental extraction processes. We numb the surgical site using the right amount of anesthetic, loosen the tooth gently from the gum tissue, and then remove it. Next, we’ll advise you on the best care to give the surgical site for proper healing.

After this process, don’t smoke or drink through a straw. These actions can interfere with the healing tissue, leading to a dry socket, a painful condition.

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Tooth-Replacement Options

Tooth extraction is a technique that can leave you, asking about your smile and oral health. Besides providing you with comprehensive care, we’ll also discuss with you the tooth-replacement options we offer that can give you a perfect smile and restore your bite’s function.

  1. Dental Implant

Here, we place a dental implant surgically in your gums. Once you heal, we’ll develop a tooth colour personalised dental crown to give you a perfect smile. However, you need to provide dental implant quality care, similar to the one you offer your natural. These include regular dental cleanings, dental exams, flossing, and brushing.

  1. Dental Bridge

This tooth-replacement option fills your smile gap by using a dental crown. However, dental bridges need extra attention to ensure the gums remain healthy. You can do this by removing plaque and food particles using brushes and floss.

  1. Complete/Partial Dentures

Complete/partial dentures work by replacing several teeth using one appliance. You need this in the case of total or several teeth extractions.

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Meet Our Doctor

At Northern Beaches Dental Group, we provide the general dentistry needed to keep smiles healthy.


Livia De Haan Bachelor of Dental Surgery,
Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
Principal Dentist

Dr. Livia qualified as a Dentist at the University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she has done further postgraduate studies with a double degree in Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. After spending 7 years working in her own private practice in Brazil, she moved to Australia in 2004.

Dr Livia is passionate about preventative dentistry and early intervention in Orthodontics, as well as adult Orthodontics and Invisalign. She is committed to ensuring that all patients get the highest possible care in the most fun and gentle manner.

Dr. Livia also has a …

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