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Accomplishing A perfect smile
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Accomplishing A perfect smile

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Angel Aligners

Angel Aligners are clear custom trays that slot over your top and bottom teeth like retainers. The aligners are discreet because they are made with a frosted, anti-reflective appearance, therefore they appear more natural than shiny plastic aligners.

They are removable, so you don’t need to adjust your eating habits or schedule during treatment. Just remove them for meals and important events as needed!


Angel Aligners are a wonderful option for many patients because they are:

  1. Efficient: The special dual aligner system of Angel Aligners can significantly shorten your treatment time.
  1. Discreet: The light-diffusing material of Angel Aligners makes them virtually invisible when worn.
  1. Removable: Take your aligners out for meals, business meetings, for brushing and flossing your teeth,

The Right Solution To Healthier, Straight Teeth



Do you want to treat your misaligned teeth but don’t want anything related to wire-and-bracket braces? Worry no more! At Northern Beaches Dental Group, we can improve your smile’s health and appearance without using brackets and wires.

Invisalign refers to the teeth-straightening system that straightens your teeth without using brackets and wires.

We use aligners, also referred to as personalised, crystal-clear trays, to straighten your teeth properly. You only need to remove the aligners when drinking hot liquids, eating, or cleaning your teeth.

This teeth-straightening system works excellently for adults and older teenagers. You should wait between 12 and 24 months for the desired results, but we always create a treatment plan suiting each individual’s needs, meaning you can have a shorter or longer program. We’ll develop a customized treatment plan together and update you about your progress.

Why Invisalign?

Invisalign comes with several benefits:

  • You’re required to visit the dentist for traditional braces from time to time to get the wires tightened and brace condition reviewed. For Invisalign, you only switch to the next aligners that dentists create as per your needs.
  • Traditional braces are likely to leave your teeth with marks because of the cement and brackets that support them. Stains are likely to accumulate around the brackets, even when practicing proper oral hygiene habits. This issue can result in permanent discoloration.
  • With Invisalign, you can’t feel restricted from eating all your favorite diets. But for traditional braces, you need to give up crunchy diets and sticky foods to avoid damaging the braces’ wires and brackets.
  • The traditional braces’ wires are likely to irritate the delicate tissue, causing pain and discomfort.

You can Remain Comfortable With Invisible Braces


When To Choose Invisalign

Invisalign is the perfect option if your teeth look out of their place or you have a protruding underbite or overbite.

Common Problems Treated By Invisalign

  • Crossbite
  • Wide gaps
  • Open bite
  • Protruding teeth
  • Crowding
  • Unusual spacing

Invisalign Care

You can keep the teeth healthy by practicing proper oral hygiene, and Invisalign helps a lot in making all this easy. When brushing and flossing, you need to remove the teeth aligners. Remember to brush the teeth aligners and use warm water to rinse them or keep them safe from bacteria and good shape by using the Invisalign cleaning kit.

Don’t clean or rinse the aligners using hot water because the plastic is likely to warp. However, remember to update us immediately if you find yourself in this condition. Also, remember to update us immediately if the aligner cracks or gets distorted.

Make it a daily routine to brush the teeth after each meal before replacing the aligners. By doing this, you’ll prevent bacteria from collecting and causing gum disease, decay, or bad breath.

Call Northern Beaches Dental Group for more updates relating to orthodontics. Our dentists are ready to evaluate you and determine if Invisalign is the perfect option for you.

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Livia De Haan Bachelor of Dental Surgery,
Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
Principal Dentist

Dr. Livia qualified as a Dentist at the University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she has done further postgraduate studies with a double degree in Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. After spending 7 years working in her own private practice in Brazil, she moved to Australia in 2004.

Dr Livia is passionate about preventative dentistry and early intervention in Orthodontics, as well as adult Orthodontics and Invisalign. She is committed to ensuring that all patients get the highest possible care in the most fun and gentle manner.

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